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"Fresh air, natural light
and the peaceful sounds from the outdoors filter through the fabric of a Sweetwater Bungalow."

Creating A Retreat May Be As Close As Your Own Backyard
Sweetwater Bungalows are an affordable, versatile and attractive solution to increasing your living space needs with a wide range of uses. Richly atmospheric, intimate in scale and unsurpassed in their ability to unite indoor and outdoor living, they offer virtually limitless space options in an affordable manner. With Sweetwater Bungalows innovative design and framework, they are unique to the market of prefabricated and semi-permanent shelters.

These wonderful tensile structures combine the stability and protection of a wood frame with the lightness and beauty of fabric walls. Natural, ambient light bathes the interior of the Bungalow during the day, and by night, each structure glows with romantic tranquility. Together with framed in windows and a door, a cozy Bungalow is created. Weather-tight, durable and economical (from $37.00 / sq. ft., not including the platform), Sweetwater Bungalows bring you closer to nature and the great outdoors.

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House of 3 tents: affordable cabin home in California.
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Beach House Style
Sweetwater in the News
Sweetwater Bungalows Sunset Magazine Tour
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Vacation Living TV Highlight

The Sunset Summer
Retreat Home

Check out one of our bungalows in downtown Fairfax, CA.
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The Sweetwater Cabana
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Download Sweetwater Bungalows Brochure
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The Ultimate Outdoor Daybed

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