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A glimpse into Sweetwater Bungalows

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Glimpse Into Our World  

Each summer, scores of people pack up the car, trek out to the campground, and sit fireside for a bit of fun.

A thought that sends shivers up the spines of many a fashionista.

Miles away from a modern convenience, nary an outlet in sight to plug in the cell phone or hairdryer and the smell of OFF! thick in the air - not really what most women want when looking to book a summer getaway.

And, yet, the wardrobe required to look natural in nature is oddly appealing.

The thought of a beautiful equestrian boot with a flirty miniskirt or a western belt over a summer tunic - perfection, well beyond the pasture.

But, what are women to do when the wardrobe is worth it, but roughing is not now, nor was it ever, an option?

We suggest shopping around.

Certainly, we all realize that the Four Seasons is world’s away from the Red Roof Inn.

But, can you upgrade a star gaze? The surprising answer is yes.

You could hit the campgrounds to get together with nature, or you could enjoy the view from one of our little bungalows, and, with the ability to run electricity right inside... you’ll actually be able to apply your makeup without a flashlight.

You and Mother Nature never looked so good.

We invite you to take a glimpse into Sweetwater Bungalow's world. Perhaps you will agree with our philosophy,
that life is filled with hustle and bustle no matter where or how you live, but retreat doesn't have to be so far away... we might argue that it could be as close as your own backyard.



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