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About Sweetwater Bungalows

Company Bio

Sweetwater Bungalows is a family owned and operated business founded in 1996.

The concept of the Sweetwater Bungalow arose when the family was building a retreat in the hills of Northern California. The rustic beauty and sweeping views of this quiet and secluded environment provided the inspiration for experiencing life in the heart of nature. Hence, the first tent-cabins were built. Nestled amongst the live oak and eucalyptus trees of the hillside, the experience they offered was at once peaceful, intimate and serene. While the Bungalows were initially built as (to supplement accommodations at the main house, then under constructiontemporary structures) the family underwent a change of mind. They then became permament sleeping quarters for the family retreat. The architect started anew in redesigning the house as a family gathering place.

Over the years, guests who have stayed at the family retreat have thoroughly enjoyed the Bungalows and frequently asked how they may aquire one. The uses they had in mind were varied. With the accumulation of interest, the family decided to make the intriguing quality of the tent experience available to the general public.

Sweetwater Bungalows has enjoyed enthusiastic responses from satisfied customers all across the country. To ensure a high quality product, Sweetwater Bunaglows constantly strives to evaluate and implement desirable improvements to its tent cabins wherever practicable, and at all times to maintain an interactive relationship with customers whose input is of immeasurable value.

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