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Retreat Posititioning

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Retreat Positioning   

Most Americans receive an average of 9 days of vacation a year, compared to the 6 weeks of paid vacation that the average European enjoys.
If we weren’t so overworked and overstressed, we might have a bit more energy to actually enjoy the mere 226 hours we get to take off each calendar year.
So, we got to thinking, what if retreat were, well, in your own backyard?
Do you really have to load up the suitcase and cart yourself a world away to unwind?
We think not.
Our bungalows fill a big void when it comes to a bit of “down time.”
With their airy lightness, they have a way of transporting you without your even straying from home.
They are a quiet escape to wherever your mind can take you.
And, since you can probably get out the door and in the yard in less than a few minutes, retreat is only a moments commute away.
So, now the question is: what are you going to do with the 225 hours and 55 minutes remaining?
Well, I want you to know that you now have a simple answer for that common yawn that’s been going around.



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