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The Sweetwater Story

Company Bio

Sweetwater Story: How Sweetwater Came to Be     

Founded in 1996, amidst the picturesque Sonoma County, CA hills, Sweetwater Bungalows got its start much like every other invention … although, in this case, it was more than necessity and its mother, it was the whole family!

“We chose the hills of Sonoma Valley as the ideal spot for a family retreat,” explained co-founding partner Blair Paterson.  It’s rustic beauty and sweeping views made this quiet and secluded place an amazing getaway.” With construction on the family’s holiday home underway they decided to build individual tent structures on the property to serve as temporary living quarters during the build-out.  

Nestled amongst Oak and Eucalyptus trees, these structures transformed the look and feel of the property. “Our little bungalows created a feeling of whimsy, not to mention, a refreshing way to experience the surrounding natural setting, which after all, was why we chose this location,” furthered Paterson.

Within a short time, the entire family knew the bungalows were an intricate part of the experience and flavor of their property.

A quick call to the architect, made the plan concrete. The main house would now serve as a gathering ground for the entire group, with the bungalows serving as individual permanent sleeping quarters.

Once the decision was made to give the bungalows a permanent place on this picturesque landscape, each bungalow began to transform with a flavor of its own, reflecting the taste and character unique to each family member.

As the family found more reason to love the hills and the roots they had planted were there to stay, they encouraged friends to join them on the weekend getaways.

With each new guest came another nudge to sell the Bungalows. “After so many requests, we knew we had better make them available for sale, or stop having guests,” laughed Paterson. “So, we jumped in and built a company. But, unlike the temporary approach to the tents we designed so many months before, we knew Sweetwater was a fixture for years to come.”



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