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Sweetwater Bungalow Kit Assembly

Bungalow Kit Assembly Summary

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Step 1 illustrates the basic yet solid construction of the side walls and window units. The 4"x 4" corner studs provide the Bungalow with a sturdy foundation.
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Step 2 shows how the back wall is designed to hold a window. The corner bracing provides lateral support and rigidity to the walls.
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Step 3 reveals the notched door jambs that keep the door in place. The door has a fully adjustable window with screen for extra ventilation.
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Step 4 depicts the back and front trusses and the substantial 2"x 6" center ridge. The door and window units are secured to the trusses by the long collar ties.
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Step 5 describes the fastening of the angle rafters to the trusses and center ridge. Able to carry much more than the Shell and Rain Fly it supports, it provides a dependable bracing against wind and rain.
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Step 6 shows the Bungalow frame getting its new heavy duty, water- proof skin known as the Shell System.
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Step 7 characterizes the snug fit of the shell. Grommets at the bottom of the shell secure the shell tightly to the platform.
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Step 8 recounts the final touches of the Sweetwater Bungalow. With the Rain Fly and Eave & Awning System firmly attached and the window and door trim in place, a cozy Bungalow has been created for many years of enjoyment.

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